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Application-Specific Hardware Architecture Design with VHDL
Automotive Software Architectures
An Introduction
Business Architecture Strategy and Platform-Based Ecosystems
Chromatin Architecture
Advances From High-resolution Single Molecule DNA Imaging
Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism in Iran
Tradition. Modernity. and the Production of 'Space-in-Between'
Author: Belean
ISBN: 3319650238
BookCode: D5190
Year: 2018
Price: 109.99
Author: Staron
ISBN: 3319586092
BookCode: D7084
Year: 2017
Price: 69.99
Author: Park
ISBN: 9811055343
BookCode: D6681
Year: 2018
Price: 89.99
Author: Prakash
ISBN: 3319521829
BookCode: D6756
Year: 2017
Price: 129.99
Author: Shirazi
ISBN: 3319721844
BookCode: D7011
Year: 2018
Price: 114.99
Cyber-Physical System Design from an Architecture Analysis Viewpoint
Communications of NII Shonan Meetings
Embedded Systems Architecture for Agile Development
A Layers-Based Model
Exploring Education and Professional Practice
Through the Lens of Practice Architectures
Fundamentals of Computer Architecture and Design
Learn Computer Science with Swift
Computation Concepts. Programming Paradigms. Data Management. and Modern Component Architectures with Swift and Playgrounds
Author: Nakajima
ISBN: 981104435X
BookCode: D8928
Year: 2017
Price: 109.99
Author: Mirtalebi
ISBN: 1484230507
BookCode: D6500
Year: 2017
Price: 32.99
Author: Mahon
ISBN: 9811022178
BookCode: D6358
Year: 2017
Price: 109.99
Author: Bindal
ISBN: 3319258095
BookCode: D5228
Year: 2017
Price: 84.1
Author: Feiler
ISBN: 1484230655
BookCode: D5648
Year: 2018
Price: 26.99
Low-Level Programming
C. Assembly. and Program Execution on Intel® 64 Architecture
Mobile Payment Systems
Secure Network Architectures and Protocols
Practical C++ Design
From Programming to Architecture
Sustainable Development and Renovation in Architecture. Urbanism and Engineering
The Shifting Global Economic Architecture
Decentralizing Authority in Contemporary Global Governance
Author: Zhirkov
ISBN: 1484224027
BookCode: D7447
Year: 2017
Price: 54.99
Author: Téllez
ISBN: 3319230328
BookCode: D7140
Year: 2017
Price: 109.99
Author: Singer
ISBN: 1484230566
BookCode: D7036
Year: 2017
Price: 32.99
Author: Mercader-Moyano
ISBN: 3319514415
BookCode: D6471
Year: 2017
Price: 149.99
Author: Luckhurst
ISBN: 331963156X
BookCode: D8789
Year: 2018
Price: 109.99
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